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2020 Agenda

ENDS 2020 was unfortunately cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The next edition of ENDS will take place in 2021.

Day One - 13 May

Wednesday 13th May

  1. Registration and welcome refreshments

  2. Chairman’s opening remarks

    John Dunne | Director of UK Vaping Industry Association

Session 1: Regulation and its current impact

  1. An update on latest US regulations

    Patricia I. Kovacevic | Global Legal & Regulatory Strategist of Regulation Strategy

  2. The ripple effect: impact of US market on the rest of the world

    Tim Phillips | Managing Director of ECigIntelligence

    • Impact of the US vaping crisis on the European vape sector
    • Key attributes of the market as the EU reviews the TPD
    • Market and regulatory impact caused on markets outside the US, particularly the EU, from the vape crisis caused by adulterated cannabis vaping products in the US
    • What individual member states have done to reflect increased consumer concern over the vaping category, and the potential impacts on a new Tobacco Products Directive.
  3. The compliance of ENDS regulations with international law

    Marina Foltea | Founder and Managing Director of Trade Pacts

    • International trade
    • Investment
    • Human rights
  4. Networking break

Session 2: Looking forward: where is the industry going?

  1. Time to be heard: what does the industry want?

    Dustin Dahlmann | President and Co-founder of Independent European Vape Alliance

    • Industry position as a tobacco independent business
    • Threats to SME sector
    • Goals towards future regulatory developments and how to achieve them
  2. Scientific cooperation for international standard developments relative to e-vapor products

    Stéphane Colard | Secretary General of CORESTA

    • Regulators and consumer expectations (including United Nations Sustainable Development Goals)
    • The responsibility of the manufacturers
    • The need for international standards
    • The value of scientific research
    • The role and activities of CORESTA on standards relative to E-vapor products
    • Update on international standards

Session 3: Production, innovation and design - practicalities and realities

  1. The role of nicotine salts

    Mark Rubinstein | VP Global Scientific Affairs of JUUL Labs

    • The role of nicotine salt technology in novel ENDS products. 
    • The pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic effects of the JUUL ENDS system compared to a combustible cigarette, a comparator ENDS product, and nicotine gum.
  2. Networking lunch break

  3. Device design developments

    Liam Humberstone | Technical Director at Totally Wicked of Product Design & Engineering at Independent British Vape Trade Association (IBVTA)

  4. New innovations in digital technology

    Alexandre Scheck | CEO, Co-founder ENOVAP andMarie Harang-Eltz PhD Scientific Director ENOVAP

    • Enovap: story and technology
    • Nicotine Step Down Program: first insights
    • Enovap users: data analysis


  5. Manufacturing and distribution

    Stephen Ryan | Business Development Manager and Owner of Superior E-Liquid

  6. Networking break

Session 4: Deep dive flavours

  1. Allergies and flavours

    Sandra Costigan | Scientific & Regulatory Affairs of British American Tobacco

    • Allergies relevant to e-liquid flavours
    • Risk management – e-liquid risk assessment, supplier quality and labelling
    • Reality check
  2. Behavioural aspects of flavours

    Ian Fearon | Consultant of whatIF? Consulting Limited

    • Review the scientific literature on use of flavoured e-cigarette products
    • Explore the idea that flavoured e-cigarettes are helpful in smoking cessation
    • Identify literature gaps and how company data can support the industry
  3. eLiquid safety and compliance – protecting flavours

    Shaun Wedgwood | Technical Director of EL-Science

    • Overview of requirements
    • Differentiating the TPD regulations from GPSR 2005
    • Industry analysis – eLiquid Safety and Compliance
    • Discussion around two studies into eliquid safety and compliance performed by EL-Science (UK Data)
    • Findings from analytical data of 1500 TPD compliant eliquid samples when compared to a Product Risk Assessment. (Global Data)
    • An overview of where EL-Science have identified areas in which the industry should focus to meet current legislation.
    • A discussion of the potential risks to the industry as a result of the USA issues surrounding eliquid safety and protecting flavours
  4. Chair’s summary and end of day one

  5. Networking drinks reception

DAY Two - 14 May

Thursday 14th May

  1. Registration and welcome refreshments

  2. Chairman’s opening remarks

    Dan Marchant | Co-Owner and founding member of the UKVIA of Vape Club

Session 5: Market challenges and the drivers for change

  1. Back to the future: the global outlook for ENDS

    Shane MacGuill | Senior Industry Manager – Tobacco of Euromonitor

    • Current global size and status of ENDS market
    • Consumer prevalence and behaviour (from Nicotine Survey)
    • Public attitudes and likely regulatory evolution
    • Future developments and ‘post-crisis’ growth potential globally
    • ENDS adjacency – vapour role in tobacco transformation and alternative applications
  2. The US youth vaping epidemic - politics or public health?

    Clive Bates | Director of Counterfactual Consulting Ltd

    • The US "youth vaping epidemic" is not what it seems
    • A drill down into the alarming headline data reveals a more complex picture
    • We need to understand who is vaping frequently and what other tobacco products they are using
    • A more nuanced picture emerges - yes, we should be concerned, but we should not over-react
  3. Overcoming market challenges: view from a flavour house start up

    Goran Krstic | CEO of Kapkas Flava

    • Starting out
    • Market focus of the company
    • Challenges of the market and what impact this has had on products, new markets and future growth potential
    • The art of flavorising
    • What lies ahead
  4. Networking break

Session 6: Environmental impact, recycling and sustainability

  1. Development and integration of a sustainable ENDS waste management initiative in New Zealand. A world first complete recycling solution

    Michael Mason | National Sales Manager EU of Alt New Zealand Limited

    • The environmental impacts of cigarette waste. Are ENDS a new problem or a solution?
    • Development of strategies for a fully-integrated and sustainable approach to manage ENDS waste in the world.
    • What can we do in the ENDS industry to build sustainable systems to address ENDS waste and the potential impact on the environment?
    • Outcomes of a fully integrated ENDS waste management system in New Zealand.
  2. Panel session: How can the industry move forward in terms of environmental impact & meeting consumer demands for greener products?

    Dan Marchant, Co-owner of Vape Club; Stéphane Colard; Michael Mason, National Sales Manager EU, Alt New Zealand Limited

Session 7: Consumers and healthcare

  1. Consumers are the only conversation

    Martin Cullip | Co-founder ETHRA of ETHRA (European Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates)

    • Vaping is a consumer revolution, yet we are completely shut out of the conversation
    • Consumers should be central to all debates about harm reduction and included in dialogue with WHO/EU
    • ETHRA seeks to amplify the consumer voice in Europe
    • All stakeholders should be putting consumers first


  2. Enhancing government smoking cessation programme efficacy through strategic partnerships between ENDS industry, smoking cessation services and public hospitals — lessons from the first smoke-free hospital in New Zealand

    Eliana Golberstein Rubashkyn | Chief Scientist of Myriad Pharmaceuticals, New Zealand

    • The role of ENDS industry within governmental health care providers in NZ
    • The outcomes of successful partnerships with governmental smoking cessations programmes and the ENDS industry
    • Strategies for the vaping industry working on community-oriented projects addressing vulnerable communities
    • Lessons for the governments
  3. Networking lunch break

Session 8: Emerging markets

  1. Thoughts on the scientific assessment of heated tobacco products (and ENDS)

    Manuel Peitsch | Chief Scientific Officer of Philip Morris International

    • Fundamental principles
    • Nature-imposed challenges
    • Addressing these challenges with new approaches and rigorous methods
    • Outlook and conclusions
  2. The importance of a diverse portfolio of potentially reduced risk tobacco and nicotine products for emerging markets

    David O'Reilly | Director Scientific Research of British American Tobacco

    • our approach is to innovate in three major categories with risk reduction potential - tobacco heating products, vapour products and modern oral
    • this presentation will use the science behind each category and country case studies to show why this is important
  3. The future of oral tobacco and nicotine products

    Tryggve Ljung | VP Scientific Affairs of Swedish Match

    • Swedish snus was a consumer driven health revolution
    • The EU snus ban vs. US MRTP order
    • The science behind next generation oral products vs. policy


  4. CBD and its place in the industry

    Arnaud Cohen | President ACTIVE France and Sales Director, Harmony of Harmony

  5. Chair’s closing remarks and end of conference