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Session 1: Global Regulatory Updates - Regulation, Policy And Impact
WHO FCTC framework for ENDS and what to expect at FCTC COP10 in 2023?
  • Is the WHO attempting to re-define harm reduction in the FCTC context (Article 1d) to exclude ENDS, and what does this mean for the industry?
  • What is the narrative?  Combustion versus Non-combustion or Tobacco versus Nicotine?

Jeannie Cameron | CEO, JCIC International
PMTA review of ENDS products
TPD 3 - likely changes and what will it mean for the industry
  • The EU has two significant regulatory processes underway that will drive significant change in the regulatory landscape – what to expect 
  • Towards TPD3 – update of the review of the EU Tobacco Products Directive, what is likely to change and what it means for industry?

Dr. Marina Foltea | Founder and Managing Director, Trade Pacts
Latest tax legislation and impact on ENDS
  • What are the best taxation models for encouraging switching away from cigarettes?
  • Cost comparisons between cigarettes and ENDS affordability

Christopher Snowdon | Head of Lifestyle Economics, IEA
All speaker Q&A
Session 2: PMTA, Markets and Product Pathways
Is the medicinal product pathway for ENDS in the UK an underutilized route to market?
  • Six months on from the updated guidance, what progress have we seen towards a medicinal license for an ENDS?
  • What are the motivators and demotivators to working towards a medicinal license?
  • Updated guidance – good news or a PR exercise?
  • Key points from the updated guidance
  • What additional steps could MHRA take to support companies through the MAA process?
  • How can PMTA data be applied to the medicinal product pathway?

Paul Hardman | Head of Scientific Affairs, Broughton
Networking break
PMTA retrospective: what it means for the European market and future outlook for the US ENDS industry
  • PMTA – it’s consequences and what it means for the US vape market
  • Is there still an independent vape industry in the US? 
  • The impact of FDA authorisation – coming to Europe any time soon?

Patricia I. Kovacevic | Global Legal & Regulatory Strategist, Regulation Strategy
Global Vaping Product Trends
  • Disposables in vape
  • product trends in the vape category globally
  • response to regulatory pressures in the US
  • synthetic nicotine growth
  • consumer and retailer data to quantify these trends

Eva Antal | Director of Market Analysis, EcigIntelligence
Chinese business and regulations update and the potential impact on the international vape industry?
Session 3: Devices, Design and Standards
European Guideline for the analysis of extractables and leachables from electronic cigarettes and e-liquids
  • European Guideline Working Group
  • Extractables and Leachables

Nick Morley | Principal Scientist, Hall Analytical Laboratories
A new device for standardized e-liquid testing
  • Development of a new device for standardized e-liquid testing
  • Testing with the device should ensure that especially temperature-labile substances and potentially toxic decomposition products are detected during routine testing
  • Presentation of validation results including temperature curves and analytical results

Dr Stefanie Scheffler | Scientist, Fraunhofer ITEM
What should we consider to design and develop successful medically licensed ENDS products?
  • Recent MHRA guidance provides opportunities
  • Product design and development operates in an environment of:
    • Adhering to medical device development framework processes
    • Understanding who the users are and what are their needs
    • Harnessing new and emerging technologies
  • How do we balance these characteristics to deliver successful products that are:
    • Relevant
    • Effective
    • Better
  • Supported by examples of how this has been achieved in consumer healthcare and FMCG markets all with a wider system or therapy focus. 
James May, Sector Manager, DCA Design International  
Why the functioning limits of a vaping device should be determined
  • What are the functioning limits of a device?
  • What are the causes of these limits?
  • What are the consequences of these limits?

Sébastien Soulet | Research Scientist, Ingésciences
Session 4: What does it mean to be green? Best practice & responsibilities
EU Vaping regulations and responsible business strategies
  • Existing EU vaping laws
  • Debated EU vaping laws in the making
  • Influence of business behavior on political decision making
  • Potential of sustainable and responsible business decisions

Dustin Dahlmann | President and Co-Founder, Independent European Vape Alliance
The importance of accurate ESG reporting and EPR legislation
Panel session: Going green – how to be environmentally aware and what is good practice
Moderator: Liam Humberstone, Technical Director, Totally Wicked   
Florian Gautier, Brand Director, Innokin
Michelle Carvell, Chief Operating Officer, Lorax Compliance
Dustin Dahlmann, Chairman, Independent European Vape Alliance  
Session 5: Tobacco Harm Reduction
Future access to ENDS in LMICs: the current obstacles to adoption
Our presentation proposes an ENDS adoption journey and associated challenges in each market.
The steps and milestones of the journey are:
  • Step 1: Recognize/acknowledge smoking risk
  • Step 2: Understand smoking risk
  • Step 3: Have a desire to change smoking habits
  • Step 4: Be aware of ENDS
  • Step 5: Understand ENDS as reduced risk
  • Step 6: Access ENDS
  • Milestone: Trial ENDS
  • Step 7: Maintain ENDS adoption and avoid smoking relapse

Ben Kelsey | Research and Insights Consultant, Cambridge Design Partnership
ENDS and Combustible Cigarette Use Among a Nationally Representative Sample of Youth Aged 13-17 in the United States
  • A repeated cross-sectional survey to estimate the population use prevalence of 20 ENDS brands and their portfolio of devices, combustible cigarettes, and e-cigarettes in the United States among a nationally representative sample of youth aged 13-17.
  • A population use monitoring system for tracking changes in tobacco product use behaviours over time.
  • Valuable data in support of a Premarket Tobacco Product Application, allowing companies to quantify the risk of their ENDS to youth.

Dr Andrea Patton | Senior Behavioural Epidemiologist, Centre for Substance Use Research Ltd
Networking Break
From ENDS to Heated Tobacco Products: Considerations for Aerosol Analysis
  • Growth in global consumer demand for HTPs requires appropriate regulatory frameworks and robust analytical testing methodologies.
  • What similarities and differences exist between the collection and subsequent analysis of ENDS, HTPs and combustible cigarettes?
  • Priority HPHCs for development of HTP targeted analysis methods

Peter Gibbons | Head of Reduced Risk Product Analysis, Hall Analytical
Panel session: Getting the harm reduction message across - what’s right and what works?
Moderator: Martin Cullip, International Fellow, Taxpayers Protection Alliance
Rob de Lange, ACVODA  
John Dunne, Director General, UKVIA
Tom Gleeson, NNA Ireland
Session 6: Emerging products and future outlook
Nicotine – evolving regulation
  • Synthetic Nicotine – definition and regulation 
  • Nicotine Salts – definition and importance
  • Nicotine Flux – the new risk for the category 

Sarah Cooney | Director, Cooney Scientific Ltd.
Growth of Counterfeit trade in vape products
  • How the counterfeit industry has grown
  • The damaging effect this has on responsible industry
  • How this shows the need for regulators to take note and introduce sensible regulations.
  • What RELX International are doing and what other responsible companies should do to try and counter this issue.

Chris Aikens | External Affairs Manager, Europe, RELX International
Chair’s closing remarks and end of of event
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