PLATINUM EVENT PARTNER: Eliquid Solutions / Eos Scientific

ENDS 2017 - Sponsors and Exhibitors

Understanding how the Tobacco Products Directive affects your business is crucial.  Eliquid Solutions is a leader in wholesale delivery of TPD compliant eliquid; Eos Scientific analyses eliquid and offers detailed guidance for submission to the MHRA. Eliquid Solutions and Eos Scientific are proud sponsors of the inaugural ENDS conference 2017.


Eliquid Solutions

Eliquid Solutions manufacture and supply wholesale and OEM eliquids, and is also an experienced leader in eliquid compliance and regulatory standards. As well as expertise and experience in the delivery of compliant eliquid, our team can help with product information and training, point of sale and merchandising guidance, and regulatory compliance advice and assistance.

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Eos Scientific

Eos Scientific offers preparatory services to eliquid manufacturers for eliquid analysis and guidance during the process of product notification and submissions to the MHRA. As well as testing eliquids for safety and consistency, and producing toxicology monographs, we interpret raw data and can create submissions for compliance on your behalf.

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