Leadscope Inc.

ENDS 2017 - Sponsors and Exhibitors

Leadscope licenses high quality (Q)SAR models, expert alerts (via Leadscope Model Applier) and comprehensive toxicity databases including models and databases that were developed through our Research Collaboration Agreement with the U.S. FDA. 

The Leadscope Model Applier includes a “Regulatory Submission Tool” that generates reports meeting all the requirements of the ICH M7 guideline and Standard Operating Procedures, in one integrated solution.  This feature is a wizard-based process that leads a user through the creation of a report for regulatory submission including any expert review. The tool uses prediction results from the Leadscope Model Applier Genetox Statistical (Q)SAR Suite and Genetox Expert Alerts Suite, data obtained from analog searching of genetic toxicity and carcinogenicity databases and guided expert review to generate the submission report. 

Leadscope is beginning a major project for the creation of in silico toxicology protocols for over 15 toxicity study types.  Leadscope has received “commitment of participation” from over 40 organizations.  These include representatives from regulatory agencies as well as pharmaceutical, agrochemical, tobacco, food product, cosmetic and biotechnology companies.  If you would like more information regarding this project please contact Loftus Lucas (CEO) at llucas@leadscope.com.

For more information regarding Leadscope please visit www.leadscope.com.