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Human factors and market realities for ENDS products

With vaping uptake on the rise, and a market that is now saturated with various e-cigarette devices, manufacturers must consider what the customer wants when designing their products in order to remain successful and stay ahead of the competition.

At next month's ENDS conference, industry experts will discuss human factors and market realities. A dedicated session will provide insights and information that will help you design and develop products that consumers want to buy.

Judy E Gibson, Secretary General of INNCO (International Network of Nicotine Consumer Organisations) will open up the session with an update on the current situation affecting vaping consumers globally to provide insight into the consumers' view.

Following on from this, Matthew Moden, MD of Liberty Flights, will look at what drives e-cigarette take-up, what the advertising challenges are, and most importantly - what the consumer wants.

Neil McCallum, CEO of JAC Vapour, will discuss innovative design and manufacturing for the UK market and beyond, whilst David McLaughlin, Director of Business Development at Elucid8 Consulting will close the session by looking at the perfect e-cigarette in terms of design, functionality and consumer demand.

Other sessions include:

  • The role of ENDS in improving health outcomes for nicotine users
  • Regulatory round-up: How have two years of regulation helped or hindered harm reduction?
  • Characterisation, analytics and testing - best practice stewardship
  • Driving confidence and trust in ENDS - investing in science, long-term studies, standardisation and industry collaboration 

With such an informative and exciting programme planned, and with over 100 of your industry peers in attendance, how can you afford to not be there?

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