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Driving confidence and trust in ENDS - why is it important?

Driving confidence and trust in ENDS is key to ensuring this industry's success. The tobacco industry has a history of mistrust of research funded or conducted by tobacco product manufacturers, and misleading studies and news articles are also skewing public perceptions of vaping.

To combat this, the industry needs to come together to invest in science, focus on long-term studies and look at the possibility of standardisation. That's why this year's ENDS conference features a session dedicated to this pertinent issue.

Willie McKinney, VP of Regulatory Sciences at Altria Client Services, will discuss the unique opportunities and challenges presented by collaboration between the tobacco industry and public health scientists, and will try to answer the question - is the common goal of tobacco harm reduction sufficient to overcome a history of mistrust?

Ian Fearon, Director of Tobacco Research at Celerion, will present on the regulatory requirements for the generation and submission of clinical study data on ENDS, and how future studies have the potential to better elucidate the health impacts of ENDS use compared to smoking conventional cigarettes.

Eduardo Berea, Board Member at CORESTA, will look at how mass media headlines have ended in controversy, misleading opinions and confusion. He will discuss how collaborative work involving independent, in-house or government labs is the natural way to develop proper science, and common methods and standards.

Other presenters in the session include:

  • Dr Lorraine Rusch, High Point Clinical Trials Center
  • Liam Humberstone, Totally Wicked/IBVTA
  • Dr Sudhanshu Patwardhan, British American Tobacco/Nicoventures
  • Olivia Hibbert, Imperial Brands

For more information about what will be discussed this June at ENDS 2018, view the full programme here.