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The importance of product design, testing materials, labelling and manufacturing protocols

Whilst ENDS products are still relatively new to the market, the products are being used more regularly as an alternative to the traditional smoking tobacco cigarettes and with the TPD2 directive now fully in place, it is ever more important to ensure the required standards are met. It is fundamental for the materials used in these devices to be have been tested, for us to examine how we advertise ecigarette products as well as ensuring all manufacturing protocols are met before going to market.

With a large influence from TPD2, it has become more important in the last few years to ensure that ENDS products are certified to the correct standards and that the products meet all guidance set by the EU regulators, including the MHRA among others. Products need to be compliant, with regards to both materials and design in order to be available for sale. Understanding and ensuring requirements is therefore crucial to compliance, safety and business success.

The session 'Product design, testing materials, labelling and manufacturing protocols' presented at the inaugural ENDS 2017 will be one of a kind. With presentations from leading industry experts on a number of factors including the latest analysis of liquids and hardware, looking at ongoing safety assessment obligations and how to classify eliquids, as well as looking at best practice and what's next for the industry.

Speakers in the session include representatives from the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP), Hall Analytical, bibra toxicology advice and consulting, Eliquid Solutions, Leadscope and Elucid8.

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