2019 Agenda

Pre-conference workshop

Flavours in ENDS products

  1. Registration & Welcome Refreshments

  2. Workshop Chair's Opening Remarks

    Nigel Quine | CEO of Cuts Ice

  3. The science behind e-cigarette flavours

    Ian Fearon | Consultant of whatIF? Consulting Limited

    • A look at the role of flavours in e-cigarettes
    • Why are flavours necessary?
    • What are the toxicological properties of flavours?
  4. Analysing the positive role of flavours

    Scott Fletcher | Director of Analytical Services of Hall Analytical

  5. Networking Refreshments Break

  6. Flavours in practice – an update

    Mark Dickinson | Director & Owner of Clarityse & MI Vape

    • Changing the narrative: are we really targeting the youth market?
    • How do flavour preferences change with age?
  7. Vape grade flavours

    Bradley Strange | Research and Development Director of Flavour Core

    • Developing flavours specifically for e-liquids and nicotine delivery systems: better performing, safer flavours
    • Going beyond legislation: future-proofing products and customer’s products
    • The trinity of performance and compliance: toxicological pre-screening of materials, knowledgeable flavour development, post development analysis and testing
  8. Joint Q&A and panel discussion: how will the issue of flavours play out commercially going forward?

    Sarah Jakes | Vaper and Board Member of New Nicotine Alliance

    • How are we dealing with marketing of flavours as a responsible industry?
    • Naming of flavours and graphics
  9. Workshop Summary & Closing Remarks

    Nigel Quine | CEO of Cuts Ice

  10. Close of Workshop


Wednesday 5 June

  1. Registration & Welcome Refreshments

  2. Chair’s Opening Remarks

    Charles Hamshaw-Thomas | Independent Consultant of Nicotine Industry

Market analysis & regulation: where are we and where are we going?

  1. E-cig regulation and policy for the future

    Matthew Birkenshaw | Team Leader, Tobacco Control E-Cig Policy and Regulations of Department of Health and Social Care

    • Commitments to review the current regulation
    • What might the regulatory and policy landscape look like going forward?
  2. An update from MHRA – assessing the regulatory environment post-Brexit

    Craig Copland | E-Cigarette Unit Manager of MHRA

    • Evaluating the post-Brexit transition period
    • Outcome of ingredients work
    • Working with enforcement
  3. Global regulations and the response of different markets

    Pablo Cano | Head of Legal Analysis of ECigIntelligence

    • Comparing the direction of European and US regulation
    • Investment growth expectations and barriers
    • Legalities for regulations around CBD 
  4. Updates and overview of ENDS in the US

    Patricia I. Kovacevic | Global Legal and Regulatory Strategist of Independent Company

    • Most recent FDA actions on flavoured vapour products 
    • FDA oversight of non-compliant products
    • Latest statements from FDA leadership
    • Litigation updates
  5. Networking Refreshments Break

Deep dive into the science, standards and testing of ENDS products

  1. Balancing vaping standards development with innovation

    Sandra Costigan | Senior Scientific Engagement Manager of British American Tobacco

    • Reviewing challenges of developing standards in a technically still developing industry
    • Specific examples of choices in standards under development
    • Future-proofing versus today’s enforceability
  2. Maintaining compliance and keeping your products in the US market – The shortening PMTA timeline

    Chris Allen | VP of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs of Broughton Nicotine Services

    • What the recent FDA updates mean for your PMTA strategy.
    • Developing a PMTA strategy that doesn’t break the bank.
    • What to look for in PMTA partners
  3. Regulation and testing of CBD products in the UK and Europe

    Antonin Cohen | Director of Compliance of ACTIVE


    • Why CBD e-liquids are the fastest growing segment of the vaping industry
    • Ensuring the safety of users and professionals
    • The urgent need to regulate CBD e-liquids
  4. Networking Lunch

  5. The history and challenges faced by the CORESTA EVAP sub-group in developing standards for a new class of products

    Derek Mariner | Member of CORESTA E-Vapour Subgroup

    • Standardising the generation and collection of e-cigarette aerosols
    • Analysis of target compounds in e-liquid and aerosol through collaborative studies on methods
    • Case study: key learnings and current discussion                
  6. Safety and toxicology aspects of e-liquids

    Shaun Wedgewood | Technical Director of EL-Science

  7. Networking Refreshments Break

  8. Introduction to extractable and leachable testing of ENDs devices

    Nick Morley | Principal Scientist of Hall Analytical Laboratories

    • Why extractable and leachable testing is an important part of determining the safety of an ENDs device
    • Why they are a concern and how they are tested
    • Regulatory considerations
  9. A Joint Q&A with CORESTA E-Vapour Subgroup, EL-Science, and Hall Analytical

  10. Chair's Summary and Closing Remarks

    Charles Hamshaw-Thomas | Independent Consultant of Nicotine Industry

  11. Networking Drinks Reception


Thursday 6 June

  1. Registration & Welcome Refreshments

  2. Chair's Opening Remarks

    John Dunne | Managing Director of E-Liquid Brands

Public health, marketing & the consumer

  1. The long-term experience with snus in Scandinavia: impact on smoking behavior and public health

    Karl Lund | Senior Researcher of Norwegian Institute of Public Health

    • Why snus use is associated with reduced smoking initiation, increased smoking cessation and reduced smoking intensity among dual users
    • Transition from cigarettes to snus and the positive net effect on public health
    • Does snus have greater potential to make smoking obsolete than regulations?
  2. A presentation title is to be confirmed

  3. Challenges in communication around ENDS products and the consumer outlook

    Sarah Jakes | Vaper and Board Member of New Nicotine Alliance

    • Ethical marketing of ENDS products
    • Changing the narrative in public media
    • Protecting the rights of consumers
  4. Panel discussion: public health and the role of responsible marketing

    Ian Fearon | Consultant of whatIF? Consulting Limited

    • Tackling youth prevention through marketing: what is the role of our industry
    • How important are flavours to retaining smokers in vaping
    • The UK vs the US: why are regulations around marketing treated differently?

    Panellists include: UKVIA, New Nicotine Alliance & WhatIF? Consulting Limited 

  5. Networking Refreshments Break

  6. Communicating risk

    Doug Mutter | Manufacturing and Compliance Director & Member of the Operations Executive of Vaporized & UKVIA

    • Harm reduction strategies
    • Responding to consumer demand
  7. Title to be confirmed

  8. Networking Lunch

Alternative delivery methods

  1. The development and launch of a medically approved nicotine inhaler

    Wade Tipton | Director & Head of Quality and Manufacturing of Cambridge Design Partnership

    • A proven approach to developing and manufacturing regulated consumer and medicinal products
    • Exploring the essential elements for success: stage gate development process and building a design file
    • Recognising routes to achieving commercial success of a regulated nicotine delivery product


  2. The advance of Closed Pod Systems

    Dr Zhiqiang Shi | Chief Scientist of Shenzhen Smoore Technology Limited

    • How Closed Pod Systems are becoming the more convenient alternative delivery method
    • FEELM: the state-of-the-art e-cigarette heater technology
    • How heating technology will bring great improvement to nicotine delivery efficiency 
  3. The uniformity measurement of aerosol delivery in Tobacco Heating Products (THPs)

    James Okpeh | Product Portfolio Manager of Cerulean

    • Carbon monoxide, aerosol density and aerosol temperature can be utilised as indication of uniformity of delivery
    • Two Tobacco Heating Products (THPs) are compared, one with consistent delivery (i.e. temperature, density and CO), the other with increasing delivery by puff number
    • Comparisons with conventional cigarette
  4. Individual exposure levels in subjects switching to a Tobacco Heating Products for 5 days

    Dr James K Ebajemito | Clinical Research Scientist of British American Tobacco

    • Results from a clinical study conducted in the UK with smokers switching to a Tobacco Heating Product (THP)
    • Scientific assessments of THPs and future ambitions
    • Developing products which aim to reduce or prevent harm for those who wish to continue to smoke
  5. Panel discussion: cigarettes or e-cigarettes: what is the role of heat not burn products?

    Ian Tindall | Innovation and Marketing Director of Cerulean

    Panellists include: Cerulean, Kind Consumer, Shenzhen Smoore Technology Ltd and British American Tobacco

  6. Chair's Closing Remarks & End of Conference

    Ian Tindall | Innovation and Marketing Director of Cerulean