2019 Agenda

Pre-conference workshop

Flavours in ENDS products

  1. Registration & Welcome Refreshments

  2. Workshop Chair's Opening Remarks

    Nigel Quine | CEO of Cuts Ice

  3. The science behind e-cigarette flavours

    Ian Fearon | Consultant of whatIF? Consulting Limited

    • A look at the role of flavours in e-cigarettes
    • Why are flavours necessary?
    • What are the toxicological properties of flavours?
  4. Analysing the positive role of flavours

    Tony Taylor | Technical Director of Crawford Scientific

  5. Networking Refreshments Break

  6. Flavours in practice – an update

    Mark Dickinson | Director & Owner of Clarityse & MI Vape

    • Changing the narrative: are we really targeting the youth market?
    • How do flavour preferences change with age?
  7. Vape grade flavours

    Bradley Strange | Research and Development Director of Flavour Core

    • Developing flavours specifically for e-liquids and nicotine delivery systems: better performing, safer flavours
    • Going beyond legislation: future-proofing products and customer’s products
    • The trinity of performance and compliance: toxicological pre-screening of materials, knowledgeable flavour development, post development analysis and testing
  8. Joint Q&A and panel discussion: how will the issue of flavours play out commercially going forward?

    • How are we dealing with marketing of flavours as a responsible industry?
    • Naming of flavours and graphics
  9. Workshop Summary & Closing Remarks

    Nigel Quine | CEO of Cuts Ice

  10. Close of Workshop


Wednesday 5 June

  1. Registration & Welcome Refreshments

  2. Chair’s Opening Remarks

    Dan Marchant | Co-Owner of Vape Club

Market analysis & regulation: where are we and where are we going?

  1. Updates and overview of ENDS in the US

    Patricia I. Kovacevic | Global Legal & Regulatory Strategist of Regulation Strategy

    • Most recent FDA actions on flavoured vapour products 
    • FDA oversight of non-compliant products
    • Latest statements from FDA leadership
    • Litigation updates
  2. An update from MHRA – assessing the regulatory environment post-Brexit

    Craig Copland | E-Cigarette Unit Manager of MHRA

    • Evaluating the post-Brexit transition period
    • Outcome of ingredients work
    • Working with enforcement
  3. Global regulations and the response of different markets

    Pablo Cano | Head of Legal Analysis of ECigIntelligence

    • Comparing the direction of European and US regulation
    • Investment growth expectations and barriers
    • Legalities for regulations around CBD 
  4. A joint Q&A with Independent Consultant, MHRA, and ECigIntelligence

    Speaker to be joined by: Cara Leach, Commercial Manager, PharmaPac Ventures

  5. Networking Refreshments Break

Deep dive into the science, standards and testing of ENDS products

  1. Balancing vaping standards development with innovation

    Sandra Costigan | Scientific & Regulatory Affairs of British American Tobacco

    • Reviewing challenges of developing standards in a technically still developing industry
    • Specific examples of choices in standards under development
    • Future-proofing versus today’s enforceability
  2. Maintaining compliance and keeping your products in the US market – The shortening PMTA timeline

    Chris Allen | VP of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs of Broughton Nicotine Services

    • What the recent FDA updates mean for your PMTA strategy.
    • Developing a PMTA strategy that doesn’t break the bank.
    • What to look for in PMTA partners
  3. Regulation and testing of CBD products in the UK and Europe

    Antonin Cohen | Director of Compliance of ACTIVE


    • Why CBD e-liquids are the fastest growing segment of the vaping industry
    • Ensuring the safety of users and professionals
    • The urgent need to regulate CBD e-liquids
  4. Networking Lunch

  5. The history and challenges faced by the CORESTA EVAP sub-group in developing standards for a new class of products

    Derek Mariner | Member of CORESTA E-Vapour Subgroup

    • Standardising the generation and collection of e-cigarette aerosols
    • Analysis of target compounds in e-liquid and aerosol through collaborative studies on methods
    • Case study: key learnings and current discussion                
  6. Safety and toxicology aspects of e-liquids

    Shaun Wedgewood | Technical Director of EL-Science

  7. Networking Refreshments Break

  8. Introduction to extractable and leachable testing of ENDs devices

    Nick Morley | Principal Scientist of Hall Analytical Laboratories

    • Why extractable and leachable testing is an important part of determining the safety of an ENDs device
    • Why they are a concern and how they are tested
    • Regulatory considerations
  9. A Joint Q&A with CORESTA E-Vapour Subgroup, EL-Science, and Hall Analytical

  10. Chair's Summary and Closing Remarks

  11. Networking Drinks Reception


Thursday 6 June

  1. Registration & Welcome Refreshments

  2. Chair's Opening Remarks

    John Dunne | Director of UK Vaping Industry Association

Public health, marketing & the consumer

  1. The role of healthcare practitioners in enabling and accelerating smoking cessation among their smoker patients – A UK perspective

    Dr Pooja Patwardhan | General Practitioner (GP) in Hampshire, UK of Independent consultancy

    • The current set up of stop smoking services, guidelines and tools available to doctors.
    • The level of understanding among HCPs regarding smoking cessation, nicotine’s safety profile and tobacco harm reduction
    • Understanding the policy-practice gap
    • Initial findings from an ongoing interventional project to educate and empower HCPs to accelerate smoking cessation among their smoker patients
  2. Challenges in communication around ENDS products and the consumer outlook

    Martin Cullip | Co-founder of ETHRA of ETHRA (European Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates)

    • Ethical marketing of ENDS products
    • Changing the narrative in public media
    • Protecting the rights of consumers
  3. Networking Refreshments Break

  4. Panel discussion: public health and the role of responsible marketing

    Ian Fearon | Consultant of whatIF? Consulting Limited

    • Tackling youth prevention through marketing: what is the role of our industry
    • How important are flavours to retaining smokers in vaping
    • The UK vs the US: why are regulations around marketing treated differently?

    Panellists include: UKVIA, New Nicotine Alliance & WhatIF? Consulting Limited 

  5. Networking Lunch

Alternative delivery methods

  1. The advance of Closed Pod Systems

    Dr Zhiqiang Shi | Chief Scientist of Shenzhen Smoore Technology Limited

    • How Closed Pod Systems are becoming the more convenient alternative delivery method
    • FEELM: the state-of-the-art e-cigarette heater technology
    • How heating technology will bring great improvement to nicotine delivery efficiency 
  2. The uniformity measurement of aerosol delivery in Tobacco Heating Products (THPs)

    James Okpeh | Product Portfolio Manager of Cerulean

    • Carbon monoxide, aerosol density and aerosol temperature can be utilised as indication of uniformity of delivery
    • Two Tobacco Heating Products (THPs) are compared, one with consistent delivery (i.e. temperature, density and CO), the other with increasing delivery by puff number
    • Comparisons with conventional cigarette
  3. Individual exposure levels in subjects switching to a Tobacco Heating Products for 5 days

    Dr James K Ebajemito | Clinical Research Scientist of British American Tobacco

    • Results from a clinical study conducted in the UK with smokers switching to a Tobacco Heating Product (THP)
    • Scientific assessments of THPs and future ambitions
    • Developing products which aim to reduce or prevent harm for those who wish to continue to smoke
  4. Panel discussion: cigarettes or e-cigarettes: what is the role of heat not burn products?

    Ian Tindall | Innovation and Marketing Director of Cerulean

    Panellists include: Cerulean, Kind Consumer, Shenzhen Smoore Technology Ltd and British American Tobacco

  5. Chair's Closing Remarks & End of Conference

    Ian Tindall | Innovation and Marketing Director of Cerulean