Flavours Workshop

Date: Wednesday 14 April 2021

Time: 13:00 - 16:15 BST


1:00pm - Chair welcome and introduction

Chair's opening remarks

Nigel Quine |CEO, Cuts Ice Ltd

1:10pm - Global flavour development trends

Global Flavour development trends in open system devices taken from ECigIntelligence new Flavour Tracker

  • Flavour policy in Europe, and the development of restrictions on flavoured vape products
  • How flavour policy development will affect other combustible-alternative products such as heated tobacco and nicotine pouch
  • Enforcement of flavour restrictions, and the future of flavours in this category

Tim Phillips | Managing Director, ECigIntelligence

1:40pm - Behavourial studies on flavours

  • Research findings on the impact of flavours on ENDS initiation and smoking cessation
  • The impact of flavours on nicotine pharmacokinetics and user behaviour
  • How the FDA is viewing flavours

Ian Fearon | Consultant, whatIF? Consulting Limited

 2:10pm - Flavour bans and what needs to change

  • Understanding e-liquid flavouring
  • The risk of flavour-bans
  • What needs to be changed

Rob de Lange| Secretary, ACVODA

2:40pm - Break

2:50pm - The toxicity assessment of flavours

  • The application of pre-clinical toxicological testing as part of a weight of evidence approach
  • The importance of stewardship safety assessments to maintain quality and standards of all ingredients and flavourings
  • The application of pre-clinical toxicological testing approaches and screening technologies, including direct e-liquid testing and aerosol testing using human lung tissue models, and key experimental considerations to ensure adequate and appropriate testing
  • Pan-industry approaches with various working groups to harmonise testing strategies
  • Summarising some of the key issues with e-liquid (flavour) assessment and propose some best practices for a robust testing strategy, which will give more scientific insight into the relative risks and the role flavours can play within the e-cigarette category

David Thorne | Senior Scientist, Pre-Clinical Research, British American Tobacco

3:20pm - Product Stewardship of Flavours

Flavours are the most chemically complex component of e-liquids, and also a very important one for smokers to make the transition from cigarettes into vaping. As a responsible industry with a duty of care towards consumers, it is crucial to ensure that e-liquids continue to represent a safer alternative to cigarettes. In this respect it is necessary to have a level of product stewardship of flavours that derives a level of inclusion of each ingredient within e-liquids that will not deliver undue levels of chemicals to the consumer, and that ensures e-liquids always offer a safer alternative to smoking. This presentation will consider the ways in which a toxicological risk assessment of flavours can be used to derive such permissible concentrations of flavour ingredients in e-liquids, through combinations of in-vitro testing, in-silico predictions and desk-based review of available toxicological studies as part of a weight of evidence approach.

Juan Lopez-Belmonte `| Head of Group Product Stewardship, Cuts Ice Ltd

3:50pm - All speaker Q&A session

4:15pm -Summary and close of event


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