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Asa Waldstein - Principal Supplement Advisory Group

Asa Waldstein

& AHPA Cannabis Committee Chair at Principal Supplement Advisory Group
Alex Capano - EcoFibre Limited

Alex Capano

Chief Science Officer at EcoFibre Limited
Shane MacGuill - Euromonitor

Shane MacGuill

Global Lead - Nicotine & Cannabis at Euromonitor
Dr. Allison Justice - The Hemp Mine LLC

Dr. Allison Justice

Founder and CEO at The Hemp Mine LLC
Shomi Malik - ACI

Shomi Malik

External Affairs Director at ACI
Vanessa Snyder - Eurofins Food Integrity & Innovation

Vanessa Snyder

Business Development Director at Eurofins Food Integrity & Innovation
Kate Stevenson - Brightfield Group

Kate Stevenson

Director of Client Strategy at Brightfield Group
David Dawson - Via Innovations

David Dawson

Senior Scientist at Via Innovations
Dr. Miyabe Shields - Real Isolates

Dr. Miyabe Shields

Chief Science Officer at Real Isolates
Jonathan Miller - U.S. Hemp Roundtable

Jonathan Miller

General Counsel at U.S. Hemp Roundtable