ENDS 2017 Advisory Board

The advisory board for the inaugural ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems) worked together with Smithers Rapra to produce an unrivalled programme that covered hot topics from TPD compliance and EU regulations to materials, components and testing methods.

Representatives from Xyfil, FIVAPE and Reveritas Group joined Smithers Rapra’s own Dr. Andrew Feilden to ensure that each level of the value chain was represented and therefore developed a balanced and informative programme for every attendee.

The ENDS 2017 Advisory Board included:

  • Dr. Dilip Bhuva

    Chief Science and Compliance Officer Xyfil

    Dr Dilip A. Bhuva joined Xyfil Ltd. in Dec, 2014 a then start-up company that manufactures nicotine containing liquids for use in ENDS. Upon his appointment, he was tasked with designing and commissioning various systems that granted data management, production, batch traceability, quality control and quality assurance abilities to ensure production of high quality, consistent and safe products. He was quickly promoted to the post of Chief Science and Compliance Officer and played a vital role in establishing and developing the compliance arm of the business. He currently heads the compliance department and has enabled the company to provide TPD2 services to some very well-known brands in the ENDS market, including e-liquid and hardware brands.

    He has keen interest in the analysis of ENDS products and together with Xyfil’s partner laboratory, he has played a key role in guiding the development of seven analytical methods – using various techniques such as LC-MS, GC-MS, GC-FID, HPLC-UV, ICP-OES, and KF – that are specifically developed and validated for ENDS market. He has also developed and improved upon emissions collection methods that mimic real-world usage patterns; this system is currently under the UK patent process. He also authored various documents on behalf of the company including CLP classification of ENDS products, the first publicly available document with complete and accurate classification for e-liquid products.

    He also regularly engages in scientific correspondence with various government agencies such as MHRA, European Chemicals Agency, and EU Committee for Risk Assessment providing some crucial contribution on various topics including regulation, toxicological assessment and harmonised classification of chemicals used in ENDS industry. Among other achievements, he has successfully thwarted attempts to incorrectly classify propylene glycol as a respiratory irritant, at the EU level.

    Prior to Xyfil, Dilip supervised and trained several BSc, MSc, MRes students and a PhD student in their individual research projects at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan). He was awarded a PhD in Neuroscience from UCLan for his work that elucidated some of the cellular and extracellular processes involved in distinct modes of synaptic exocytosis in the Central Nervous System. For his PhD, he received scholarship under the reputable Overseas Research Students Associate Scheme.  Dilip earned a First Class BSc degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology from UCLan. He has presented papers at many international conferences.

  • Arnaud Dumas

    President FIVAPE

    Biographical information to follow...

  • Dr. Andrew Feilden

    Chemistry Operations Director Smithers Rapra

    Andrew Feilden joined Smithers Rapra as a Principal Consultant in June 2011 and was appointed Chemistry Operations Director in October 2012. He specializes in extractable and leachable testing and the selection and assessment of materials for medical and pharmaceutical applications. Andrew previously worked at AstraZeneca for 12 years, leading their extractable and leachable testing. He has been working in the field of trace analysis using hyphenated techniques such as GC-MS and LC-MS for over 12 years. Whilst at AstraZeneca he was an active member of industry working groups, the IPAC-RS container closure group and he was the co-chair of ELSIE material group. Andrew gained a degree and D.Phil from York University.

  • Dan Myers

    Partner Reveritas Group

    Dr Dan Myers has significant expertise in the research and development of pharmaceutical and medical devices, particularly inhalation products.  His work has resulted in commercially FDA-approved products.

    Dan is one of the founding partners in a recent company called Reveritas Group, whose aim is to provide regulatory consulting for ENDS companies.  Concurrently, Dan serves as the Principal Investigator on an NJOY Small Business Innovation Research contract with the National Institute of Drug Abuse to create a standardized electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS) that medical scientists can use for clinical research.  This work culminated in the very first Drug Master File for an ENDS submitted to FDA.  As Vice President of Research & Development at NJOY, Dan led the technical project team during development of several commercially-realized products, most notably the NJOY Daily, a disposable electronic cigarette which launched commercially in September 2015 and has been extremely successful in the market.

    Prior to NJOY, Dan was one of the lead scientists at Alexza Pharmaceuticals for 13 years, involved in the discovery, development, and ultimately the commercialization of a novel inhaler technology involving thermal vaporization of pure drugs.  His responsibilities at Alexza included discovery and understanding of the basic science of thermal vaporization of pharmaceuticals, analytical testing of aerosols, process development of spray coating technology, management of multiple scientists and engineers within the product research & development team, serving as the technical project lead on several pipeline drug products, determining company strategy on intellectual property, and assisting with business and due diligence assessments with potential partners.  At Alexza, Dan gained extensive interactions with the FDA - attending four meetings at FDA and multiple on-site audits with FDA at the Alexza manufacturing facility, co-authoring six Investigational New Drug filings and one New Drug Application which was approved by FDA and EMA.  Dan’s work at Alexza garnered him the acknowledgement of the company’s first eXcellence award as employee of the year.

    Dan earned a Ph.D. in chemistry (chemical physics track) from Stanford University with graduate fellowships from the National Science Foundation and the G.J. Lieberman foundation.  Dan was awarded BS degrees in mathematics and chemistry (graduating with university, college, and department honors) from Carnegie Mellon University.  He has published 21 peer-reviewed papers and has 16 US patents.  

  • Tom Pruen

    Chief Scientific Officer Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association

    Tom Pruen is ECITA’s Chief Scientific Officer and a graduate of the University of the West of England, having attained his BSc in Applied Chemical Science in 1998.

    Tom has been involved with the electronic cigarette since the early days of their introduction into the UK, starting his career first as an advocate, and then becoming an integral part of the industry’s first trade association ECITA as its highly-respected scientific spokesperson.

    Tom’s contribution to the vaping industry includes having been one of the first scientists in the industry to identify the importance of screening for Diacetyl and its associated products, he was a the principle author of PAS54115, the first publicly available specification for e-liquids and hardware products, and he has given evidence at the Welsh Assembly in defence of their suitability as a harm reduction tool. Tom frequently consults with the MHRA, the ASA, and other regulatory bodies, as part of his drive to share information in order to progress the industry to the benefit of the wider public.